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    Arlington Market Overview for Airbnb Investors

    For Property Investors, Prospective Hosts, and Homeowners to compare with traditional property management options

  • City of Arlington - Airbnb Regulations

    Updated December 2022

    Current Regulations

    STRs are currently allowed in any districts within the STR Zone (Entertainment District), Residential Medium Density Zoning (RM-12), Residential Multi-Family (RMF-22), all non-residential zoning districts, and all mixed-use zoning districts.

    Permit Requirements

    • Owner Information
    • Operator Information
    • HOA Information
    • Non-refundable fee of $500
    • City Registration Account # for HOT remittance
    • Plot Plan identifying parking spaces to be used for STR
    • Dimensioned floor plan identifying bedrooms, living spaces, emergency evacuation routes
    • Proof of Insurance coverage (min $1 MM per occurance)
    • Proposed Host Rules
    • Physical Inspection


    • Maximum occupancy - 2 per bedroom + 2 limited to 12 total
    • Parking limited to the number of available off-street spaces
    • Physical conversion of premises (to add bedrooms) prohibited
    • Noise restrictions (no amplified sound between 10pm-9am)
    • No outside congregation between 10pm and 9am
    • Trash placement on curb after 7pm the evening prior to pickup
  • Arlington TX Airbnb Market

    Analysis & Stats


    On Top Cities in the U.S. for Airbnb Investing


    Average Annual Profit Per Property


    Average Nightly Rate


    Average Occupancy Rate


    Pool Included


    Active Rentals


    Listed on Airbnb


    Listed on HomeAway

    3 Bedroom

    Most Common Rental Size


    Quarterly Rental Growth

  • Arlington TX Airbnb Taxes

    Full Breakdown

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    Texas State Tax


    The State of Texas charges a 6% hotel occupancy tax across the board. This tax is handled automatically via Airbnb.

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    Arlington Hotel Occupancy Tax


    Arlington charges a 9% hotel occupancy tax across the board on Airbnb’s. This tax is not handled automatically through the Airbnb platform and must be paid directly to the city monthly.

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    City of Arlington Restrictions

    Important Rules to Know

    Arlington currently only allows Short Term Rentals in their entertainment district area. More information is available on the city of Arlington’s website here.

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