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5 Travel Trends That Have

Prevailed So Far in 2021

· AirBNB Management

A recent Tripadvisor research report indicated that 47% of travelers intend to travel internationally in 2021. At the same time, 74% of the ones surveyed plan to take at least a single overnight leisure trip this year.

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic brought the travel industry down to its knees. But now, with the restrictions being lifted off, the industry is back on track and slowly recovering. 

Some countries have lifted off the travel restrictions entirely. Whereas others haven’t. So, before you start planning your next international or domestic trip, don’t forget:

· Review Covid-19 severity of the destination

· Travel restrictions imposed

Now that our world is on its path to recovery, we shouldn’t forget the impact the pandemic had on the travel industry. The Covid-19 pandemic literally changed and re-shaped the industry forever.

Some old trends like solo travel are gaining traction. At the same time, new trends like working from anywhere are sky-hot among travelers.

Despite our world recovering from Covid-19, travelers are opting for less crowded places. Most importantly, they are not big fans of long-haul travels like they were before the pandemic.  

This blog post focuses on the five hottest travel trends that have prevailed so far in 2021.

Let’s have a look.

Here’s the list:

1. Solo Traveling

2. Workation

3. Domestic Travel

4. Make Up for the Lost Time

5. Covid-19 Vaccination Passes

Let’s touch on each of these trends one at a time.

Solo Traveling

Solo traveling makes up about 11% of the global travel market. Solo traveling isn’t a thing of the past. Instead, it’s one of the hottest travel trends right now. And shortly, the global solo traveling demand has been predicted to exponentially rise. 

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, people have been avoiding traveling in groups. Even the ones who didn’t take a solo trip before the pandemic are heading out there all by themselves.

People don’t want to get infected. Also, they want the freedom to create their own itinerary plus schedule. Solo trips are nothing but refreshing. You finally get the chance to connect with yourself. 

Earlier, most people used to avoid solo travel trips because of their busy schedules and 9-5 jobs. But, with remote working now the new norm, solo travelers have the flexibility to merge work and travel.

Back when the pandemic hit, economies worldwide took a huge toll. Governments and health officials requested everyone to stay inside their homes. They asked the businesses to shut down their physical operations. This led to the rise of the digital revolution. Businesses had no other choice than to ask their employees to work from their homes.

And now we are here a year later. WFH has led to higher productivity, flexibility, and higher sales numbers. Businesses are now permanently adopting the WFH model. Employees are no longer surrounded by their cubicles. 

Want to travel to the chilly Himalayas? Or the hot Sahara? All you need to do is pack your laptop, book your flights and head off. You can finally merge travel with work. 

We’ve even witnessed more travelers extend their vacations by a week or so due to their flexibility to merge travel with work. But keep in mind, you’ll always need a stable internet connection.

Recently, we've seen a major spike in solo travelers or a group of employees or friends book long-haul vacations. This has resulted in a massive surge in Airbnb bookings. Travel platforms have prioritized showing home-office facilities plus Wi-Fi speed. 

Companies have been predicted to focus more on business travels. They have been expected to assess the accommodation’s privacy, cleanliness, and safety. 

Domestic Travel

These days, local travel is much safer, easier, and sustainable. New Covid-19 variants are being discovered across different countries. As a result, people are avoiding international travel as much as they possibly can. 

Countries with little or no Covid-19 infections are prioritizing domestic travels over international. Travelers are opting for places they have been before previously as their holiday destinations.

Also, we’ve witnessed a spike in pet-friendly hotel options. Travelers want to take their furry travel companions on their adventures. But, up until now, not many hotels or rental homes had arrangements for pets. Whereas some hotels and rental homes didn’t allow furry travelers whatsoever.

But now, more accommodations will cater to the pets' needs. 

Make Up for the Lost Time

We were trapped inside our homes for about a year. It was hard, but now we are back on track. Depending on the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic, governments have finally allowed people to take their masks off. 

The Covid-19 pandemic didn’t lower our desire to travel. Instead, we want to hop onto the plane and travel to our favorite destinations.

Our time at home helped us realize how short life is. In 2020, people started creating lists of places they’ll travel to when the restrictions are lifted off. People want to make up for the lost time.

This has resulted in the rise in the number of people opting for domestic and international travel. The travel industry has become more creative with new suggestions and itineraries. 

Covid-19 Vaccination Passes

Covid-19 vaccines are finally out. More than half of the Americans have been vaccinated already. The ones fully vaccinated have been allowed to take off their masks. 

Covid-19 vaccination drives will not only boost the travelers’ confidence. It’ll also have a major impact on the places travelers can go. 

77% of travelers worldwide have expressed their desire to travel internationally if they receive the vaccine. In the United States, the number stands at 69%.

Countries are also talking about rolling out digital vaccine passports. This will help them share their health information across borders. Such digital travel passes are already being created by International Air Transport Association and World Economic Forum.

The European Commission also proposed a Digital Green Certificate for domestic European travelers. Vaccinated New Yorkers are granted the Excelsior Pass as proof of their vaccination.

Plan Your Vacation Today!

Finally, the tourism industry is back on track. People are traveling to places. We've witnessed a spike in solo travels. Also, we've seen a rise in the number of people extending their vacations due to the work-from-anywhere policy.

Vacation rentals are prioritizing work-office facilities and Wi-Fi. Moreover, Airbnb hosts are majorly focusing on cleanliness and safety. 

While we are finally recovering, the Covid-19 re-shaped our lives. And we should get the most out of it. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Plan your next trip today.