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Must Have Smart Home Technology for Airbnb Hosts

· AirBNB Management

Ever since traveling became a norm, people have needed to acquire accommodations at affordable rates without risking their safety, luxury, or convenience. In this context, Airbnb became very popular as an entire or partial living space, which is fully furnished and sometimes even present with a goody here or there.

When you go as a guest, the experience is completely driven by how the host assists you. However, as a host, various responsibilities are placed on your shoulders to ensure that your guests are given the experience they paid for.

In this particular read, you will discover some of the handier tools and smart home devices that you must have to guarantee your guests a stay worth remembering. These include smart locks, keypads, video doorbells, and noise detectors.

Here is the list of all necessary devices that will make your services as a host stand out amongst the rest.

Smart Device Chargers

With the growing popularity of smart phones, watches and peoples' unending reliance on this technology, smart device chargers have become an essential item. The host must consider how to best stock their property to ensure that the guests do not have to worry about purchasing a new charger should one be left at home. There is no greater relief these days than finding out there are designated spaces with charging options available for you to make use of. In this essence, it may help you purchase a multi-port device built like a USB to minimize the risk of not having the particular charger your guest may need.

Video Doorbells

Some guests you invite into your house may just refuse to adhere to the house rules. For instance, if you paid for a total of two people and are constantly having additional members stay the night, it is a bit of trouble for the host to try to sort out without video evidence. Therefore, it is better to keep a careful eye from the first day to ensure that rules are not broken at any given point in time. For this purpose, there is the option of video surveillance to be inserted at the front door. For this task we recommend the Ring Video Doorbell. The motion sensing will help monitor the number of people who are going in and out of your property. It can also help prevent your guests from bringing in pets if the place has been declared a pet-free zone.

Bluetooth Speakers

These days, most houses are fitted with speakers attached via Bluetooth to play the music of a guest's choice. Instead of having them bring their own speakers, it tends to be a plus for your listing if there are Bluetooth speakers installed or left at the property to be used as per their desire.

Security Cameras

Despite the element of suspicion people might have regarding security cameras, they are an understandable addition given the circumstances of security that we live in. While you should never put cameras inside the property itself (because you do not want the guests to feel like their privacy is being invaded) some hosts still want to keep an eye out for any inconveniences you may have to suffer from. The best way to go about it is to place them outdoors. This will give you the peace of mind that you are searching for, and in case of theft, you will still be aware of all the people who were in and out of the house. However, regarding the security cameras, you must mention as a disclaimer or even otherwise put it out there explicitly on the listings that the house

Noise Sensors

There have been multiple incidents at Airbnbs where guests came over for a quiet vacation and ended up making so much noise that it was worse than a high school party. These incidents can get you stuck in a fix, especially if the neighbors complain or the police are called. To prevent such things from happening, it is wise to invest in noise sensors. These sensors will help gauge and regulate the noise level that can come out of that particular space. When the noise level exceeds that which is set by the host, there will be an instant alarm or reminder to keep it down, allowing them the opportunity to quieten down before things spiral out of control. We recommend the Minut Noise Sensor for it's reliability and additional features like temperature and moisture sensing.

Smart Locks

In today's times, Airbnb's no longer come with the conventional keys that once ruled the housing industry. Now, there are smart locks that help to ensure that not only is it much more convenient to enter or exit, but the possibility of losing keys or forgetting to return them is no longer something that can happen. We primarily suggest the August Smart Lock's and the corresponding Keypad. Applications for smart locks can be challenging for some guests and these codes for the keypad can be adjusted as needed, and you may even give each guest a different code if you would like. As a host, it provides a peace of mind being able to always see the status of your front door and takes away much of the hassle of keeping up with physical keys and ensures the space's safety. Therefore, it is an investment you should not shy away from.


As an owner of a property who is hosting on Airbnb, various standards have to be met to make it a livable space for guests who frequently stay in short-term rentals. However, various additional items can be inserted, which may not be considered essential items but can be conjured as a convenience and comfort source for both the guests and hosts. These are small handy smart devices that shift the gears from a manual to a more automated one.

Not to say that the conventional approach is unfit but to reinstate that in the advent of technological advancements, it makes sense to seek benefit from ideas and devices that can help make your role as a host easier and free of unnecessary tension. While it does not completely guarantee the guests' satisfaction, it does raise the bar, which is normally set.

It is upon you as a host to decide what sort of conveniences you wish to offer to your guests. It does not matter whether it is fancy or detail-oriented; all you need to remember is to focus on the basics and let your mind do the rest. Creating an environment whereby your guests feel at peace should be your priority, and if that means investing in smart home devices, then perhaps that is how you should proceed.