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Sell An Airbnb Property Dallas Residents Would Want

By Alan Daniel

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Gone are the days when tourists had to jump through hoops to book comfortable yet nominal accommodations for themselves. Thanks to the innovative AirBNB, the booking process can now be completed within a few clicks. This is especially true in cities such as Dallas, Texas, where renting temporary lodging has never been easier.

With that being said, it's not just the renters who benefit from the simplicity of AirBNB. Homeowners are also rewarded when renting out their property painlessly. But what happens when you actually want to sell AirBNB property Dallas residents would wish to acquire?

Selling your existing AirBNB is more common than you think. Each year, hundreds of real estate owners move their houses or liquidate excess property. If they operate an AirBNB, then the opportunity to be a host is also sold with it. But here's where it gets tricky: While anyone can buy AirBNB property Dallas, Texas has to offer, it should be noted that the existing AirBNB account, ratings, and reviews of the property do not get transferred to the new owner.

Apart from this little hiccup of not being able to transfer your AirBNB account, the rest of the selling process remains straightforward. As long as you keep a few tips in mind, you could quickly sell AirBNB property to a viable buyer.

How to Sell Airbnb Property Dallas, Texas Residents Would Be Interested In?

When you are about to sell a property that operates an AirBNB on it, it is a great practice to present this feature as a unique selling point (USP).

While not everyone might be interested in continuing your AirBNB venture, those who are looking for a new investment to generate some revenue would definitely be enticed by your offer.

In other words, you can never know if potential buyers would want to keep running the AirBNB on your property. But it's always better to present the option as it does no harm. On the contrary, it actually enhances your offer due to its current and potential revenue generation.

In fact, if you highlight the AirBNB aspect of your property, it could attract buyers who are highly interested in your offer, and also fetch you a better price.

Apart from this transparency and the benefits that come with it, here are a few tips that would help you find people who are looking to buy AirBNB property Dallas, Texas has to offer.

Make Sure Your Airbnb Account is in Order

When you are to sell AirBNB property Dallas residents would be interested in, it is extremely important that you take a good look at your associated host account.

This gives you the ability to see where you stand in terms of pictures, reviews, and ratings, as well as past and future bookings.

Knowing this information lets you assess the value of your existing AirBNB account.

Even if the account itself is not going to be transferred, the reviews and ratings, as well as the frequency of bookings, play a big role in convincing potential buyers to purchase your property.

You could keep playing with different formats to present this information, and stick to methods that seem to appeal to potential buyers the most. This way, you could have a compelling offering on your hands that has more potential to convert into a sale.

Collect Revenue Generation Data in an Easy to Read Format

Whether your AirBNB listing is a few years old or relatively new, it is vital to optimize for a few key details. Remember to put together relevant information regarding revenues and booking in an easy to read yet comprehensive manner.

This helps you reach out to potential buyers easily, while also making sure that those who are interested in the AirBNB aspect of your property get to see details that matter to them. It makes the process easier to sell AirBNB property Dallas residents would desire.

This review of your account also lets you manage future bookings. If you have received any bookings in advance and you are to sell your property before those dates, then you could let your potential guests know about the change in host ownership beforehand, and cancel their bookings accordingly. This way, the guests could decide whether or not they want to book with the new host account or not.

If you have a decent number of future bookings in the pipeline, then it could also add to the strength of your listing to the buyer. It shows them that your property is a viable investment with high revenue generation, which could get you a better price on your property.

Try to Sell Your Property with Furnishings

When you are to sell AirBNB property Dallas residents would be interested in, it is essential that you decide whether or not you would be selling your existing furnishings with the property.

While choosing between furnished and unfurnished properties is part of any real estate buying process, it gets all the more critical for an AirBNB property in Dallas.


This notion works similar to a hotel room, an AirBNB has to be decorated with a certain flair that appeals to most guests. If most of your past guests seemed to like the existing arrangement of furniture and other fixtures, then selling the actual tried and tested design to the buyer gets easier.

Buyers who are looking for an investment opportunity to generate revenue would also be more interested in furnished properties, since it cuts down the revenue generation timeline for them and requires minimal effort. Keeping this in mind, make sure to try your best to sell your property with existing furnishings.

With that being said, if you don't want to part with your furniture, then that's understandable as well. Just make sure to explain this to people who are interested in buying your AirBNB property before you move on with the selling process.

Contact a Real Estate Agent Who is Proficient in Selling AirBNB Properties

While all real estate agents would be able to sell AirBNB properties, those who specialize in this sub sector would be able to get you better pricing and terms effortlessly.

It's because these agents have experience in dealing with buyers who purchase AirBNB properties with the sole intent for income generation. With it, they are also adept in dealing with families who are interested in the property itself and might think of AirBNB as a bonus for a side-income.

Dealing with specialized agents also makes sure that you don't have to explain the nuances of new account creation to potential buyers. These agents make sure that they explain the restriction in transferring AirBNB accounts to buyers, and help them set up new accounts for the property that are tied to their abilities as a host.

These agents will not cost you a fortune, but they help you find buyers who are rather interested in purchasing your property due to their AirBNB aspect. This enables you to sell AirBNB property Dallas residents would be interested in, while also making sure that you are doing so on your own terms.

The HostStarter View

Let's face it. Your house is an asset that might be underutilized. The advent of platforms like AirBNB allows for potential income generation that you might be missing out on. You might have the potential to enhance the value of your home by renting out your AirBNB property or by adding it to our growing pool of AirBNB properties for sale.

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