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The 7 Best Property Management Companies in Dallas, TX

April 2021

· AirBNB Management

Being a landlord is tough.

Out of the 10-12 million landlords residing in the United States, a huge chunk of them claim it to be one of the most stressful jobs in the world.

We understand.

Whether you own a residential or commercial real estate property, the chances are that you may find yourself getting frequently screening potential tenants, dealing with the already-existing ones, going through a world full of paperwork, collecting monthly rental payments, addressing repairs and maintenance issues, and much more.

Managing your property all by yourself may get stressful, especially if you already have a full-time job or run a business.

Imagine spending your Saturday afternoon addressing your tenants’ plumbing issues!

That's the reason most remote real estate investors hire property management experts to help them professionally maintain their rental or commercial properties, handle the financial plus regulatory details, communicate with tenants, and take care of almost everything.

Nearly 291,978 property management companies have marked their presence in the United States, as reported by IBISWorld in one of its surveys, which indicates that property management is a thriving market and an ever-increasing number of real estate investors or landlords are reaching out to such companies.

So, if you are interested in residential or commercial rental property investment in Dallas, Texas, and want to hire a property management company immediately, this article is just for you!

Here, we discuss the 7 best property management companies in Dallas, Texas, in 2021.

So, let’s dive straight into it.

The 7 Best Property Management Companies
in Dallas, Texas, in 2021

Following is the list of 7 best property management companies you may reach out to in Dallas, Texas:

  1. Davis Property Management
  2. Lincoln Property Management
  3. Castle Keepers
  4. Junction Property Management
  5. Local Dwelling
  6. Sulthar Properties
  7. Blue Crown Properties

Let's look at each of these companies one by one.

Davis Property Management, owned by a professional property manager named "Fast" Eddie Davis, is one of the most popular property management companies in all of Dallas, Texas, and is a National Association of Residential Property Managers' member. And the company also holds the MPM designation.

From offering timely electronic statements to eviction services to market analysis to 24-hour in-house maintenance, Davis Property Management deals with both in and out-state clients.

With an outstanding track record of managing more than 184,000 apartment units and employing more than 5,200 people, Lincoln Property Management Company is a nationally recognized franchise.

So, if you are a real estate investor worried about bringing in traffic towards your listings or your ROI, Lincoln Property Management will excel at every step of the way.

This firm heavily focuses on offering professional, upscale apartment management services in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

From providing 24-hours maintenance services to offering pet-friendly housing to dealing with clients professionally to national and regional support to comprehensive corporate marketing, Lincoln Property Management is an all-in-one property management company with a professional team.

And the best thing? If you or your tenants are facing any issues, their team is available 24/7 to listen to your requests or concerns.

Castle Keepers originally launched as a service for homeowners facing challenges selling their homes and renting them out in 1987; they have made their way to the top and become one of the best property management companies in Dallas, Texas.

This property management company helps real estate professionals, especially investors, by making their life easier.

They want the entire “Being a landlord” thing to be “painless, easy and at the same time, profitable.”

Their outstanding property management services include:

  1. Careful tenant screening
  2. Rent collection
  3. Property evaluation
  4. Attracting tenants
  5. Comprehensive legal forms
  6. Accounting services
  7. Repairs & maintenance supervision
  8. And more!

In fact, they are the best in their field and know how to get things done.

So, feel free to reach out to Castle Keepers to turn your landlord experience -> painless, easy, and profitable.

Junction Property Management, yet another recognized property management company, offers both residential and commercial management services and also communication association management in Greater Dallas-Ft. Worth Area.

They hold 40+ years of rich experience and are heavily focused on delivering their clients the greatest value, as they never compromise quality.

They maintain the property’s longevity by bringing on-board high-quality tenants and offering streamlined top-notch services.

Their online portal has made paying rent for the tenants so much easier.

Also, you may head over to their website and request a free proposal today.

Serving since 1989, Local Dwelling is the Greater Dallas expert property management company and provides comprehensive and, at the same time, tailored service plans that suit each of their owner client's needs and requirements.

They work hard towards ensuring that owner-clients are subject to quality tenants, timely rent collection, updated property maintenance, and much more.

Their property management services include:

  1. Monthly rent collection
  2. Property record keeping
  3. Financial & accounting services
  4. Monthly statements
  5. 1099 statements
  6. Free eviction representation in court
  7. City rental registrations
  8. Security deposit collection, itemization & accounting
  9. And more!

Their online account system has made it way easier for the tenants to pay their rent on time. And that's not it.

You can even hop onto the platform and monitor performance.

Offering their services in a wide area which includes Arlington, Fort Worth, Bedford, Irving, Denton, Plano, Sulthar Properties, are widely accredited by BBB (A+ rating) and are a member of the National Association of Rental Property Managers. They are certified experts.

With their outstanding property management services, they want to create a “win-win” situation just for everyone they are dealing with, as they offer ground-breaking services to both tenants and owners.

And the best thing - their pricing structure is highly affordable. From tenant screening to marketing and advertising to eviction coordination, they offer partial or complete property management services based on the owners' needs and requirements.

So, it’s time you reached out to one of the best in Dallas, Texas, hire experts at Sulthar Properties today.

Holding deep property management and as well as real estate brokerage expertise, Blue Crown Properties is a recognized National Association of Residential Property Managers member, and they have been in the business for more than the total number of fingers on both my hands.

Seems like forever!

Their portfolio includes single and multi-family investment properties in Fort Worth, Dallas, & Austin metro areas.

They offer in-depth market analysis, rent collection, full-service maintenance, aggressive advertising and marketing, quick online payments, rigorous tenant screening services, and more, depending on your needs and requirements.

You can also enjoy account documents and statements on-demand.

Hire the Best Property Management
Company in Dallas, Texas Today!

When it comes to the property management companies in Dallas, Texas, the ones we have listed above are the best of the best. In fact, they are the aces in their field.

However, if you are interested in potentially converting your rental property investment into a vacation rental please feel free to reach out to us for a free Airbnb revenue projection report and management discussion on your property here!