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    Airbnb Market Overview in Fort Worth

    For Airbnb Investors, Prospective Hosts, and Current Hosts to compare with traditional property management options

  • City of Fort Worth - Airbnb Regulations

    Updated December 2023

    Where are STR's currently allowed in Fort Worth?

    All mixed-use and most form-based districts, commercial and industrial districts with a Certificate of Occupancy from the Development Services Department. They are not allowed in residential districts, such as single-family, two-family and multi-family areas.

    How to Register an Airbnb in Fort Worth?

    1. Go to the Localgov welcome page: https://lata.localgov.org


    2. On the Welcome Page click Sign Up.


    3. Enter the required information, including your first and last name, email address and create a password.


    4. Select your security questions and enter your answers.


    5. Click Submit


    **STRs are required to upload a PDF of their Zoning Confirmation showing a "success" message as part of their registration application**

    How much does it cost to Register an Airbnb in Fort Worth?

    The fee for the first-time application is $150, with an annual renewal fee of $100.


    Current registration must be prominently displayed in the property.

    Fort Worth Hotel Occupancy Tax Requirements

    Current Fort Worth HOT is 9%. STR's are required to report all HOT due to the City on or before the due date on a monthly basis using the hotel app or remittance form. The report is due even when there are no room reciepts.


    Payments are due on the 1st of the month and considered late after the 25th. The STR is required to retain all records used to support the amounts on the monthly HOT reports submitted to the City.


    The report can be remitted via tax.localgov.org.

  • Fort Worth TX Airbnb Market

    Analysis & Stats


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    Quarterly Rental Growth

  • Fort Worth Airbnb Taxes

    Full Breakdown

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    Texas State Tax


    The State of Texas charges a 6% hotel occupancy tax across the board. This tax is handled automatically via Airbnb.

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    City of Fort Worth Hotel Occupancy Tax


    The City of Fort Worth charges a 9% hotel occupancy tax across the board on Airbnb’s. This tax is not handled automatically through the Airbnb platform and must be paid directly to the city monthly via MUNIRevs.